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The Taylor Family Of Dore.

In the village of Dore the

Local sweet shop was run by

Mrs Irene Taylor and husband Cliff.

The Dore Brass Band

The Dore Brass Band.

In !877 the then Vicar of Dore , the Rev Aldred. Proposed the formation of a brass band and Mr Henry Taylor was one of its first members. The bandmaster being Mr George Elliot of Dore. The band was in demand at Beeley,Grindleford,Hathersage and surrounding village club feasts.

Henry Taylor became bandmaster in 1886 and was one of the best known bandsmen over a wide radius. For over 46 years.

It was reported in the local press that The Dore recreation Society organised a concert on Monday, January 27 th 1896 in the Dore Schoolroom, , before a large and appreciative audience.  ‘The programme was a very taking one, and reflects credit on the Bandmaster, Mr. Henry Taylor.The energy and enthusiasm displayed by our Village Minstrels in their well-rendered parts, was worthy of a troupe who make greater profession in the art of producing side-splitting jokes. Our village band is worthy of the best support; we have not forgotten their kindness rendered to our School Processions at Whitsuntide. ‘

In the early part of the 20 th century Shirley Taylor became the leader of the band and in family tradition the bandsmen were mainly all from the Taylor family.

Currently band leader Shirley was living down in Totley which lead to the band being to called the Totley brass band.

They gave regular appearance’s in the village during Christmas festivities and at social events.

Many postcards were produced featuring the band playing in Dore village at Christmas time and other events in the village.