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The Taylor Family Of Dore.

In the village of Dore the

Local sweet shop was run by

Mrs Taylor and husband Cliff.

After the end of the first world war a group of local men formed a British Legion Club at the present day premises on Townhead Road. Currently around 1920, the premises were a barn belonging to local storekeeper Mr Thomas Marshall.

Thomas Marshall was related through marriage to the Taylor family through the marriage of Henry Taylor and his wife Ann Marshall, who was his niece.

This relationship must have had bearing on the fact that The Dore Brass Band used to practice at the premises on a Sunday morning.

The club ceased to be a  British legion in 1948 and a private club was formed by some of the old members to be known as Dore Club.

The Other connection of the family with the Dore Club is stewardship.

Mr. Shirley Taylor was a steward  for two years until his death in 1952. His son  Mr. E Taylor then became steward until 1953.

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