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The Taylor Family Of Dore.

In the village of Dore the

Local sweet shop was run by

Mrs Taylor and husband Cliff.

Occupation’s of the Taylor family.


Records show the family to be associated with the local agriculture as farmers of the surrounding land. and makers of farming implements. These included such things as scythe making and various metal tooling.

Before the industrial boom in the eighteenth century much of this work was carried out on there farms and cottages around the village.

Generations of the family was later employed by Joshua Tyzack at the Abbeydale works from 1840 to 1933 and moving with the company when it later became W.Tyzack Sons and Turner Limited and relocated to Little London road. Sheffield right up to 1980, for a total of 150 years.


In 1880 Farewell Taylor began his profession of stonemason from the yard of Gillifield Farm opposite Christchurch Dore.

Refractory Brick making.

Eric, Michael, Cliff and Jeff Taylor all worked for the local brick company Pickford, Holland & Co. Limited in Millhouses which was started in 1913 as refractory materials manufacturer.