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The Taylor Family Of Dore.

In the village of Dore the

Local sweet shop was run by

Mrs Taylor and husband Cliff.

Scythe Blade Making.

The Taylor’s have been involved with the trade for over 200 years.

In the early years of the eighteenth century the making of the blades was carried out as a cottage industry on there farms and at home. Supplying farmers throughout Derbyshire.

In 1840 William Tyzack started his company at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet works. This is where the Taylor family began working in the same year.

They carried out various tasks including setters of the blades and grinding to give the sharp edges.

The grinding shop was a very dirty and dangerous place and the giant wheels were powered by water from the river Sheaf which filled the dam.

A list of the family members who worked at Abbeydale works:

William Taylor, Henry Taylor, Philip Coates Taylor, John Coates Taylor, Shirley Taylor, James Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Bernard F Taylor, Joseph Taylor, William Henry Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Alan Taylor.

The press cutting below was from 1980. When Leslie Taylor took his retirement, after 46 years with W. Tyzack Sons and Turner Limited of Little London Road Sheffield.

Uncle Les Taylor retirrment 11-11-1975.jpg